15 March 2002

Here are some selected lowlights of what's hit the news (and fan) this week, surgically altered by the Reporting Team to prevent anyone being able to quote Spooky St. Ives as an authoritative source!

15 March 2002

Help Wanted (Apply Within)

So, here we are, then. Or leastways, here you are then, in new, but probably unimproved, Spooky St. Ives, broadcasting live from Spooky1.com!

If you are actually reading this then at least some part of the transfer to the new domain has been successful. I have tried to debug any potential glitches but I've probably missed zillions so if you spot any clangers (Soup Dragon excluded!) can you let me know at:-

Spooky St. Ives Monumental Blunders Department

Also, in the unlikely event that anyone out there (especially in St. Ives) is remotely interested in ..... well, anything to do with this site really, and feel that you have something you want to contribute (i.e. article on something St. Ives-y I haven't covered, visitors comments section, etc.) or advertise (events, facilities, other sites, services, etc.) let us know and we'll see what we can come up with.

Frankly, we're fed up with just having Vile Jelly as our only keyboard monkey so any would-be contributors drop us a line at:-

The Reporting Team

The Eyes Have It

Harding was moaning the other day that he was struggling to read (going blind as well as deaf!) some of the script, especially the Reporting Team's blue editorial comments. (That's blue as in colour, not as in full of swear words!).

So, we have changed the page style as you can see (or, in Harding's case, can't ). What do you think?

All those who would rather revert to the original format write down your objection on a five pound note and post it to Vile Jelly c/o The Sloop Inn, The Wharf, St. Ives, Cornwall, TR 26 1LP.

What? No Pot?

Yes, I'm afraid so, folks. Despite my best intentions and the strenuous efforts of the Reporting Team we have not yet managed to finish the Leach Pottery thingy. We're getting there but there is quite a lot of it to sort through and what with my flunkying duties, getting Spooky St. Ives on to its new domain site and various other irritating distractions (see below) we haven't even managed to get a beta version together in time for our weekly update.

Next week, hopefully. Well, it will have to be next week as a house move is imminent so things will shortly be even more chaotic than usual!

Virtue Is It's Own Punishment!

Well, that's another nail in the coffin of the 'God is a nice person' argument. Last Friday, while I was skivvying away in the slave pits shovelling out free food for the Meat Draw attendees, the Corser Karma struck again. Not merely content to have a good time while I laboured, he had the temerity to win the Mystery Prize, a digital camera!

Then, to really rub my nose in it, I had to go round to the Corser Condominium to show him to connect it to the computer (which it wouldn't), go home and order a widget off the internet, come back the next day, instal the gizmo and write out a set of instructions for him.

I hope he enjoys that camera because I bloody well haven't!

Paddle Your Own Canoe

As part of Queenie's golden jubilee celebrations St. Ives is to host an international sea kayaking championship. The Bays' Trophy Races have previously been held in Halong Bay, Vietnam and the Gulf of Morbihan, Brittany. Organisers said that St. Ives Bay was an ideal compromise location as it provided similar features to both; the olde worlde Celtic ambience of St. Ives was offset by the Vietnam in the 60's feel of Hayle!

As of going to press we had not received confirmation whether H. M. Queen intends to compete in the event.

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