22 March 2002

Frosty The Showman

In a moment of either generosity or sadistic revenge for our recent raid on the Leach Pottery, Trevor has got us invited to an opening (or whatever the things are called) by Anthony Frost (Sir Terry Frost's sprog) tonight.

Frankly, I'm worried. I don't know anyone in the arty jet-set and what do I know about art anyway? Mind you, having seen some of the stuff that was up for the Turner Prize is this necessarily a bad thing?

Hopefully, the St. Ives great and god-like won't realise that I am behind the scurrilous Spooky St. Ives. If they do ..... well, it's been nice knowing you!

Who Let The Drugs Out

Apparently, Cornwall is going to have to wait a little longer to achieve 'Golden Triangle' status.

It is claimed that this is some sort of award for achieving international quality tourist attractions. I always thought the Golden Triangle was somewhere up the Mekong Delta where all the heroin comes from!

Well Red!

I shouldn't do this to such an august publication and champion of things St. Ivean but there's a lovely typo in today's St. Ives Times & Echo.

There is an otherwise worthy news item about making sure that gas installers are properly qualified with the heading:-

"Stamping out Cornwall's rouge traders"

Presumably, should you have any difficulties with the person installing your gas appliance you should just kiss and make-up!

Making A Rod For Your Own Feet

Coastwatch bod and Columbus Walks organiser (see elsewhere in site), Rod Humphries, is setting off on Monday for a brisk stroll. He is hoping to cover 75 miles from the Bass Point NCI station on the Lizard round the coast to arrive at the St. Ives NCI station on Friday. I was hoping to tag along with him but due to skivvying duties and house-moving activities I suspect that next week I am going to be barely capable of standing, let alone walking!

Rod, like Hawaii, achieves Five-Oh status on Monday and we presume is fleeing St. Ives to avoid outbreaks of wild parties and mindless debauchery.

He is also hoping to raise some sponsorship for the National Coastwatch Institute (which is a voluntary charitable organisation, not to be confused with the Coastguards, who work for H. M. Queen, who isn't a charitable organisation). In the unlikely event that anyone in the area tunes into Spooky St. Ives Rod can be contacted on 01736 794130.

The Bells, The Bells!

It's nearly Easter, a traditional festival that celebrates the resurrection of artists who died at their last exhibition! There are more openings this weekend than you can shake a stick at. Fortunately, they are not all in the same place otherwise there might be a danger of all the artists reaching critical mass (or, more probably, achieving a critical mess!), resulting in a massive explosion.

One of the lesser-known galleries, the Tate, is opening after its annual Spring cleaning with an expedition of work by Ian Hamilton-Finlay who apparently does some sort of concrete poetry (so, don't pick a fight with him, he sounds well hard!). One of his works consists of a dozen ships bells each of which has a wordplay inscribed on it (so I am informed).

If anyone can explain the following one we'd be grateful:-

The bell just has two inscriptions opposite each other; one says 'cosalt' and the other 'pre-socratic attunement'. We know that Cosalt is a company (it started life as the Great Grimsby Coal, Salt & Tanning Co., although I fail to see what is 'great' about Grimsby! but what is 'pre-socratic attunement' (sounds like a 70's prog-rock band!). And how does the wordplay work.

If you know the answer to this one, let us know (and we won't even call you 'smart-arse'!). 

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