29 March 2002

29 March 2002

Pretty Un-Good Friday!

And lo, Jesus awoke on Good Friday morning and looked out from his St. Ives fishersofmen's cottage. "Hells bells!", he thought, "The town's packed with visitors. I know what, I've got enough supplies in so I'll just stay in bed until Easter Monday when hopefully things will have calmed down a bit!"

Yes, folks, it's the first tourist stampede of the season and it's already looking like a big 'un. I shall be skivvying in the slave pits for their benefit most of the time so the weekly update is going out early.

We may be a bit light on news this week but at least we have finally got the Leach Pottery thingy out.

Move Over Darling

 The house-moving shenanigans are well into their second day with still no sign of anything actually going according to plan. Yesterday I froze my bum off in a house with no utilities for five hours waiting for the removal men to turn up and today we've been throwing fits trying to fit the fitted kitchen due to having been sent the wrong bits twice!

Roll on the afterlife, that's what I say.

French Without Tears

The St. Ives lifeboat was called out on Tuesday to go and pick up a Portuguese fisherman who had been injured on a French fishing boat out in the Atlantic. They brought him back, put him up in Newlyn for the night (that'll teach him!) and bunged him on a flight back to France the following day.

Turning Japanese

Sadly, the five minutes I now have free each week meant that I was unable (despite invitation) to get to the Leach Pottery to cover a recent project. A Japanese potter, Yasuo Terada, came over and built a charcoal-fired raku kiln of the type that Bernard Leach had first come across in Japan.

Curiously, the kiln was built outside on the back porch of the old Leach cottage and the cold and damp weather of the previous week made for an additional challenge on top of everything else. Nevertheless, Yasuo triumphed over the elements and selected groups of students were able to visit the project over four days to see what was going on.

He seemed like a nice bloke when Trevor introduced me to him but what he must have made of the weather conditions I dread to think.

How Was It For You?

Apparently we'll all be seeing fireworks in St. Ives during Queenie's golden jubilee rave.

We are being promised 'one of the most spectacular displays of fireworks ever seen in West Cornwall' so it ought to be quite good. Mind you, we'll look bloody silly if none of the rest of the country joins in!

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