17 January 2003

Hoorah For Decent People!

Tim Smith?

Most of you probably haven't got the foggiest who he is.

For your inflammation, he is one of the great guiding lights behind the Edam Project.

Anyway, as you can see below, he has invited us all round to his place ...

... which is nice!

At last, someone makes an effort on behalf of the indigenous population! 

eden.jpg (229950 bytes)

Round, Round, ..... I Don't Get Around

Anyone confused by the rather challenging chicane that is the double, best of two falls, two submissions or a knock-out, roundabout in mid-Stennack may, or may not, be heartened that plans are being mooted to redesign it to prevent drivers from approaching the junction like Michael Schumacher with his arse on fire!

Given that a lot of the local sprogs have to negotiate this spot in order to get to HMP St. Ives Junior and Senior Schools, this could well be a good idea (unless you don't like the local kids). Of course, increasing safety will necessitate a major expansion of the secondary school in order to cope with the increased numbers of sprogs who survive crossing the road long enough to graduate from junior school.

Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before ...

The mad balloonists are at it again.

They are claiming that they intend to make another attempt at the altitude record this year, going on standby from May.

Given that they sat and twiddled their thumbs through July, August and September last year waiting for three days worth of perfect weather conditions the phrase relating to the possibility of a sharp decrease in the ambient temperature of satan's workplace springs to mind!

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