18 April 2003

18 April 2003

Oh God!

Well, it's Easter folks and you know what that means for us working folk. Yup, more than three days of suffering and no prospect of a resurrection and a seat on the Board in heaven afterwards.

Anyone who has seen the Helm's Deep battle scenes in The Two Towers should have a fairly good idea of what the town looks like at the minute!

Hopefully, I'll be able to get the weekly update off at some point in between burning people's dinners.

Experiencing The Fallout

St. Ives is playing host for a month to a group of sprogs from Chernobyl. This has been an annual event for some years now with the idea of (a) giving them a nice holiday and (b) trying to boost their immune systems as they are all at risk of developing cancer and leukemia.

Gary, the Sloop milkman, had one staying with him last year.

Anyway, after experiencing St. Ives being overrun by Easter emmets they'll probably soon be looking forward to going back to Chernobyl!

Looking After Our Own

Well, thank the Almighty (aka Penwith Housing Association) for that!

[For those of a religious disability who might think this is a tad blasphemous, I can assure you that only PHA could get you an affordable home in St. Ives. God has got no chance!].

Anyway, back to the main plot. St. Ives (born and bred) lifeboatman, Mike Benney, has finally got a permanent home for himself, wife and two sprogs courtesy of the new PHA development up t'Beagle. He only had to wait 6 years while living in a variety of private rental one bedroom flats.

He said, "I feel sorry for youngsters who have no hope of buying a home of their own."

Amen to that.

When 'WhenIs'* Attack!

A propos of last week's item [Sad Loser Of The Week], there was a rather jolly riposte in this weeks Cornishman as follows:-

Sir - With reference to the letter published on 10 April, 2003 "How long to become a local in St. Ives?"

We too moved to St. Ives just over five years ago and cannot recognise the town or its inhabitants which were referred to in the letter.

We and our family aged from 5 to 84 have been met with friendship, courtesy and helpful assistance from all the local St. Ives people with whom we have been fortunate to be in contact.

We would never assume to be "locals" although this may happen to our family in two or three generations time, but we count ourselves privileged to live within such a caring community.

Amen to that, too!

* 'WhenIs'

Just in case you thought that the Cornish were the only ones defending their communities this is a term of non-endearment from the Isle of Man. It derives from the 'comeovers' who move to the island from the mainland and then start to moan about anything that doesn't suit them. As this whingeing is normally prefaced** with 'When I was in London we had X' and 'when I was in Birmingham we did Y', etc. the culprit is referred to by the locals as a 'WhenI'.

** The end of the whingeing is traditionally finished off with the reply that they can have whatever they are moaning about sorted when they get back on the boat and bugger off back to where they came from!

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