29 November 2002

Flash And Splash!

Any landlubbers who thought surfing looks like a moderately risky activity might need to revise their estimate ..... upwards. Two surfers on Porth Kidney near Cardboard Bay (see An Offally Big Adventure in the Hayle To The Chief section) were struck by lightning last Saturday afternoon. One of them was zapped so badly that she had to be resuscitated, first by a doctor who lived nearby and then by a paramedic using a defibrilator.

The two surfers were whisked off to Treliske in the air ambulance. The first surfer recovered sufficiently to be able to walk to the helicopter but the surferess had to be put in the Intensive Care Unit. As of going to press, she is reported to be out of intensive care and back in a normal treatment ward.

Flood, Sweat, Toil And Tears

The fallout from the Great St. Ives Flood continues to rain gently on the town. Recent highlights include:-

The Edward Hain Hospital is now due to be reopened on December 16, while its former inmates are being stashed in various other local hospitals in Helston, Heamoor and Camborne.

Transco have announced that they will be meet the precise legal requirement for compensation following the loss of gas. Households will get £30 for every 24 gasless hour period. Businesses will get whatever they are entitled to under the terms of their individual contracts (so, if they didn't check the small print they could be in for a nasty surprise). Transco are still refusing to have anything to do with the damage caused to domestic appliances as reported last week.

Penwith District Council has announced that it is suspending business rates bills for St. Ives businesses hit by the flood. The council are also liaising with Cornwall County Council and the Environment Agency to assess why the flood occurred (I would have thought that the Stennack and water would be two leading suspects!) and assess possible future measures to prevent a recurrence.

We suggest that all future visitors to the town should be issued with a couple of buckets on arrival and asked to take some of the water back home with them when they go!

It's A Fair Cop!

Tomorrow (November 30) sees the advent of the annual traditional Fair Mo. Originally, a pig fair (hence name, if you don't understand Cornese!), the lack of available police means that it has now branched out into a more general indoor fete. This year the concert hall at the Guildhall will be transformed into a street market with all sorts of local goodies on offer.

A Pizza The Action

Local scoffery the OnShore has won the Pizza Restaurant Of The Year Award in the Pizza, Pasta and Italian Foods Awards 2002 (showing on Sky the week after the Oscars and Emmys!). Unfortunately, if you want to try one of their wares you will have to toddle down to the Wharf as they do not yet do home deliveries!

On A One-Way Trip To Planet Zog!

Tonight's the night. Mindless debauchery seems on the cards and, frankly, who could resist?

Forget rare conjunctions of planets how about this for a line-up of Friday evening entertainment:-

Meat Draw, Free Food, Trevor/Janet/Harding/Ann/Manic Martin & assorted locals, the legendary brassica-defying Andrew Macdonald & Helen Bristol and ..... Doom Bar at £1 a pint!

The Reporting Team are busy buffing up their spikes/fleece/furs/scales/etc. and getting their drinking feet and dancing heads on.

Don't wait up for us, we may be late back!

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