Caught Red-Legged!

Right. We went left. So, if you are going to go the other way around (i.e. along the St. Just road) then this will probably make more sense if you go the end page of the Rosewall Hill section and read backwards.

However, for all those who are following in the Reporting Team's pawprints, you should now be trolling along a narrow country lane. Fairly soon, on your left should appear the entrance to Bussow reservoir. This where some local anglers go to fight 'mano a fisho' with the reservoir's inhabitants.

Beware of the occasional vehicle on this road because there ain't exactly a lot of room to manoeuvre.

Route around Rosewall Hill, St. Ives, Cornwall 6
This is the entrance to Bussow Reservoir (I think you need to buy a permit to fish there should you be of piscine persecuting disposition). Bussow Reservoir, St. Ives, Cornwall 1

Bussow Reservoir as seen from Rosewall Hill. Those with sharp eyesight may be able to spot the Knill Steeple on the horizon.

Bussow Reservoir, St. Ives, Cornwall 2

Now, pay attention here because eventually you will come to a couple of spots on the right where there are tracks you can follow to get to the top of Rosewall Hill (4 on map) . The trouble is these spots are not particularly easy to spot!

This is the first spot (if you're walking up the road) where you can follow a path up to the hill. Route around Rosewall Hill, St. Ives, Cornwall 7
This is the other place a bit further up the road. They're pretty well concealed so you will just have to trust the Reporting Team that they are there. Route around Rosewall Hill, St. Ives, Cornwall 8
The paths do open up as you get higher up the hill ... Route around Rosewall Hill, St. Ives, Cornwall 9

... but be warned, parts of the hill are quite overgrown in a brambly/gorsey/stinging nettley sort of way.

Route around Rosewall Hill, St. Ives, Cornwall 10

Long trousers may be advisable if you are attempting the summit via this route (or want to explore the area off the beaten track). You can do it in shorts but if, like your intrepid/decrepit reporter you suffer prolonged exposure to prickly plants ...

This is what my legs (or one of them at least, I had to use the other one to stand up while I took the piccies) looked like immediately after I came down from the hill ... Nasty rashes on the Spooky St. Ives reporter's legs 1
... and this is what it looked like 24 hours later. (Oddly enough it didn't hurt, just itched a bit and looked slightly more hideous than the rest of me!). Nasty rashes on the Spooky St. Ives reporter's legs 2

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