Not Drowning But Raving!

"Winwaloe" [Continued from Foreign Bodies?]

10 February 2003 10:08

Re: Thoughts from rather too far up country

martin is I think the son. Hear he is trying to have his father's books reprinted. This is good for me as I have been collecting first eds!! Perhaps I will soon be able to afford a house in St Ives and join all you rich types!  Like the piece about the buoy. However were the reporting team out there in full foul weather gear (bright red or yellow - prob yellow as it goes better with blue and even if they are not of the HH variety they will be blue after they have been in a boat for an hour or two) The buoy was probably USA's contribution to the our Navy as we don't seem to have much left. Are you certain it was not an American boy? Could have been a present from Jacko - Now there's an eccentric, he good go down well!! (pref 40 fathoms) - Couldn't get onto the other parts of the website this morning, will need to bump up the gas pressure I 'spose. Will read later and I will be back!!!

Vile Jelly

10 February 2003 13:24

Hell, I couldn't get into the thing at all. I presume the ISP must have been having probs.

Either that it was the 'Revenge of St. Eia' as it is Feast Day today!


11 February 2003 08:43

Sounds technical - you been up to Carbis Bay again?

Vile Jelly

11 February 2003 15:57

Oh, Lordy, no!

You won't catch me willingly set foot (well, tentacle, actually) in Cardboard Bay. There be strangers up thar!


11 February 2003 16:56

I met him once Will Ingly that is, think he is Lord Will Ingly now. Daughter was the right dishon. Jermima Will Ingly - now there's a story - Put that BHH away sir! -

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