Hair Raid Siren!

Helen Bristol [continued from Out For A Duc(k)? ]

13 June 2003 18:04

Re: More promo

You could always try a wig!  Mullet on day, Rasta locks the next, the variations are endless.........

Vile Jelly

13 June 2003 20:07

Unlike my follicles, which are startless!

Helen Bristol

13 June 2003 21:11


Vile Jelly

14 June 2003 08:27

Because they don't start. If they did I'd have hair, wouldn't I?
I blame my parents.

Helen Bristol

14 June 2003 10:21

S'pose you've got to blame someone.  At least you're not completely naked (like the naked molerat) although I am unable to vouch for that.

Vile Jelly

14 June 2003 19:20

I can.
Yes, I am a molerat!

Helen Bristol

15 June 2003 21:42

No, you said you'd no probs elsewhere

Vile Jelly

15 June 2003 22:16

But I was (more or less) naked at time, reading my e-mus while I cooled off after a shower. However, you are also right that I live in constant fear of sticking plasters, immac, etc.

Helen Bristol

16 June 2003 17:01

It doesn't bare thinking about............
..........wandering about the house in the buff ( I would have hoped you would be more sensative to the sensibilities of the RT especially dear Soupie ) you should be more fearful of windows than Imac. Do it all the time but never imagine anyone else behaving like that. I can just see all the net curtains twitching.

Vile Jelly

16 June 2003 17:58

Well, not exactly. I did have a modicum of cover in the necessary areas (plus I have blinds on my windows).
Ennyway, the Reporting Team were out at the time. They said they'd been doing some investigative reporting although they did whiff somewhat of ale when they lurched back!

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