10 May 2002

And Now The Late News

Sorry for the delay in getting the weekly update out, folks, but, to be perfectly honest, the last few days have been a bit of a bugger. I was supposed to have a day off work on Friday and planned to do the update then but one of the staff did a runner so I got dragooned into going into the slave pits.

And, as I was scheduled to work all day Saturday and Sunday daytime ...

Hopefully, you will get the weekly bulletin at some point but it is now 9.50 pm on Saturday and I ain't even close to finishing yet.

Prepare To Meet Thy Doom (Bar)!

Followers of Spooky St. Ives may remember the e-mail correspondence relating to the missing presumed missing Dave Morgan-Fisher, his subsequent reappearance and promises of beer rewards (The Invisible Man, Lost And Found, Fisher's Circle! and, now, A Friend In Need ...).

Well, true to their word, Eddie and Angie turned up in the Sloop and plied Vile Jelly with pints of Doom Bar. Unfortunately for them, Jelly had been unexpectedly summoned into work that day (see above) and had not eaten much all day but had already consumed some liquid refreshment earlier. Consequently, Jelly was not exactly 'compost mentis'. In fact, most of the time he was probably talking broken biscuits. Nevertheless, E and A still insisted on plying Jelly with soothing pints of Doom Bar.

Luckily for Eddie and Angie, Trevor (Corser) was on hand to engage them occasionally in sensible conversation (although we don't think they actually twigged who he was). Sadly, Harding was away on holiday and therefore unable to do his celebrated 'old man of the sea' impression. Eddie and Angie were/are off to meet the eponymous Mr. Morgan-Fisher today and hopefully their exposure to Vile Jelly has not completely put them off St. Ives.

In the meantime, the Reporting Team had to get Orm to slither down to the Sloop and drag Vile Jelly back to the news room to (hopefully) finish off the bulletins. Mind you, he's back in the slave pits all day and night today so don't hold your breath! 

The Missing Link?

Due to work commitments and the complete lack of contributors to Spooky St. Ives it looks like Vile Jelly will not have much free time to further document the idiosyncrasies of deepest, darkest Cornwall.

So, in order to try to engage your continued interest the links to useful, interesting or, preferably, bizarre sites have been updated to bring you new and intriguing introductions to the alternative real world.

Marcie Ginn, Where Are You When You Need Me!

Marcie, the Sloop t-shirts are in but every time I've tried to drop you an e-mail at your usual address the system has just stuck two fingers up at me.

Have you been forced by bandits to flee into the badlands of New Mexico? Have you changed your ISP? Did my ghastly sister frighten you off or were you offended by the armadillo incident?

Speak to me (if you still want some) before they all go again.


For the full skinny on the May Bank Holiday shenanigans go to:-

Bonk Haliday

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